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Distribution Design provides distribution consultant analysis and design services for Operational Improvement, Warehouse Management Systems, Facility Layout, and Material Storage & Handling Systems for logistics, warehousing, and distribution. Your logistics consultant expert is Distribution Design!

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Explore this site and learn how over 25 years of logistics, distribution, warehousing, systems, and material handling experience has reduced operational costs and made other operational improvements in hundreds of projects. Our distribution consultant services can help you streamline your business and save you money.

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What is a Logistics Consultant?

A logistics consultant helps companies develop long-term, cost-effective logistics and distribution solutions for warehouse, material handling, and distribution centers. A logistics consultant, also known as a distribution consultant or warehouse consultant, offers services such as material handling consultant services, warehouse audit, distribution center layout, warehouse layout, warehouse design, operational audit, warehouse productivity, warehouse management system (WMS software) implementation and more. Distribution Design, an expert logistics consultant company with over 25 years of experience, can help you improve all aspects of your distribution center and logistics.


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