About Distribution Design

Consulting Services for Warehousing & Distribution

Distribution Design’s Mission is to design integrated logistics operations and systems that are:

  • Unique to our client’s business;
  • Soundly-based on rigorous operational analysis;
  • Implementable with an attractive return on investment;
  • Strategically important to our client’s competitiveness.
  • And to treat each client as if it were our first!

Warehouse Distribution Capabilities

Fred Kimball, Principal of Distribution Design, has evaluated nearly 450 different logistics operations and has designed operational improvements for facilities as small as 3,000 sq. ft. and as large as 2.4 million sq. ft.

ProSavvy (later eWork, Inc.) Named Distribution Design as “Best of the Best”!
Distribution Design is the only logistics consulting firm to receive ProSavvy.com’s “Best of the Best” Award. The award recognized consulting firms and professional service providers who have provided exceptionally high quality services to their clients. ProSavvy (later eWork, Inc.) named Distribution Design for having the Highest Return on Investment in a consulting project.

Distribution Design was selected for its project to design a new distribution center to support a client’s operations and rapid growth. The selection of Distribution Design was determined by an independent review board chosen by ProSavvy. Over 1,700 ProSavvy-approved consulting firms were eligible for the Best of the Best Awards, but Distribution Design was the only logistics consulting firm to receive the Best of the Best award. Only two other firms received awards in other categories.

Distribution Design was nominated for the award by one of its clients. The design for the new 220,000 square foot pharmaceutical distribution center will reduce the client’s distribution cost per unit by 40% over the next five years compared to their existing methods of operation. The operational improvements will reduce the client’s operating costs by over $2 million in the first year of operation, and the client’s investment in consulting services from Distribution Design has a full return on investment in just three days of operating the distribution center with the recommended improvements.

Generating an attractive Return on Investment is a key component of every Distribution Design Project. For a no obligation discussion on how Distribution Design can help improve your distribution operation, please contact Distribution Design today.