3rd Party Logistics

Dozens of operational, material handling, facility, and systems designs…


Operational Audit of a distribution operation identified numerous opportunities for increasing capacity,…

Consumer Electronics

An evaluation of the company’s inventory and stocking practices identified an opportunity to reduce inventories and…


Distribution Design provided assistance to a 3rd Party Logistics Provider in evaluating the Request For Proposal from one of the country’s leading telecommunications companies.

Photographic Products Manufacturer

Distribution Design provided technical guidance to the design and implementation of 1 overflow and 2 regional distribution centers…

Large Apparel Company

A Second Opinion operational and facility design that improved the original design concept.

Major Mass Merchandiser Cross Dock Facility

For a 3rd Party Logistics Provider, Distribution Design completed an Operational Audit of a cross dock center that processes store supplies, promotional programs, and displays for over 900 stores in the chain.

Petroleum Manufacturer

For a large petroleum manufacturer, Distribution Design completed a comparison of various options for increasing the capacity utilization of a regional distribution center.

Pharmaceutical Operational Assessment

One of the country’s leading pharmaceutical companies selected Distribution Design for an Operational Assessment of its literature and related products distribution.