Distribution Center Design – Non-Profit Org.

This organization provides dramatic support that enables vital services to the needy in its geographic region. With substantial growth and very rapid turnover of inventory, the organization had outgrown its 50,000 square foot warehouse. The organization selected Distribution Design for an Operational Audit, a “Second Opinion” of a new facility design, and, ultimately, for the complete operational design of the new distribution center including a WMS. There are three separate temperature requirements for the SKUs.

Distribution Design defined the complete set of operational requirements for the new facility. This included capacity, size, throughput, operational processes, layout, WMS requirements, staffing, and budget. Throughout the design of the building itself, Distribution Design provided guidance to the architects and engineers.

After the new facility was operational for about 6 months, a post implementation audit showed a 24% increase in throughput over the old distribution center with just 5% more employee hours.

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