Material Storage and Handling Systems

material storage& handling slide

Material Storage and Handling Systems provide effective utilization of space and physical movement of product in a logistics facility. Storage systems allow for the traditional warehousing of product or for the temporary storage of goods awaiting processing. Handling systems contribute to faster, more ergonomic, movement of product and are especially important to a facility’s ability to accommodate peak throughput requirements.

Distribution Design provides analysis and design services for storage and handling systems. Specific services include:

  • Evaluation of existing storage and handling systems
  • Determination of how long the existing systems will support your operation
  • Recommendations for accommodating expansion
  • Capacity and throughput requirements at peak
  • Storage equipment type, quantity, and layout
  • Processing and fulfillment equipment type, quantity, and layout
  • Conveyor and sortation system design
  • High speed pick/pack item sortation
  • Lift truck requirements
  • Non-powered equipment needs
  • Budgetary costs and justification
  • Bid specification preparation
  • Vendor selection assistance
  • Purchasing and contract assistance
  • Implementation planning and assistance
  • Post implementation evaluation