Second Opinions

Distribution Consultant Second Opinion

A Second Opinion design or “proof of concept” is the preferred approach to managing the risks of implementing major operational changes that just don’t work as well as everyone had hoped.

Obtaining the opinion of another professional can identify other opportunities to achieve the same results with less risk, lower cost, or other improvements. At a minimum, the second opinion can reinforce the original design concept and help create the all-important consensus. The second opinion can also identify errors and other “surprises”. A second opinion is a low cost / high impact service from Distribution Design.

Second opinions are usually completed with the same data used to produce the original design, thereby saving a substantial amount of time.

The second opinion is a low cost approach to improve the original work.

Frequent Second Opinion Topics

  • Complete reevaluation of the original design work.
  • Will the picking concept work? Are there other approaches that will work better, and/or cost less to implement and operate?
  • Are the budgeted costs realistic?
  • Does the proposed Warehouse Management System fit the operational needs?
  • Is it too heavily automated, or is there justification for more automation? What type? At what cost? With what lead time?
  • Can this project be completed in the desired time?