Warehouse / Distribution Center Facility Evaluation

Using a warehouse consultant or distribution consultant can help evaluate potential new buildings for your operation. You know you need more space, and you have zeroed in on a couple of buildings you think might work. Maybe they have some existing material storage and handling equipment? Maybe you wonder how to make use of the clear ceiling height? Are you sure what types of fork lifts you might need?

Using a back-of-the-envelope methodology to assist with your due diligence, Distribution Design provides warehouse consultant evaluation services to confirm the fit of each facility for your operation, or not. The following are representative of the types of questions many operations have when evaluating new space:

  • How does the space fit our needs?
  • Is the existing storage equipment right for our products?
  • How many levels of rack storage do we get with the clear height and existing sprinkler system?
  • What is the best split between storage space and processing space for our operation?
  • Are there enough docks for our operation?
  • What is the best aisle width in racking for the column spacing?
  • What landlord improvements should we request?