Senior Director of Warehouse Operations

Warehouse Operational Design for Non-Profit Organization

“I highly recommend Distribution Design to assist you with your rack layout and design plus other warehouse / operations challenges moving into a new facility.
We were so thankful for the help with the rack layout prior to moving into this facility. Distribution Design totally understands operations and keeps things simple and concise for everyone to understand.”

Senior Director of Warehouse Operations
President, Systems Integrator

Raising the Bar for Consultants

“As a Systems Integrator for warehousing and distribution, we get to see the work of many consulting firms. In our mind, Distribution Design definitely raised the bar for consultants in the level of detail and quality we received.”

President, Systems Integrator

Money Well Spent on Distribution Consultant

“Our warehouse consultant did a great job learning our operation, recommending improvements, and with the layout of our new space. I am so glad we spent this money!”

VP Operations

Warehouse Consultant for Convenience Store Distributor

“Distribution Design’s warehouse consultant definitely added value in the sizing and layout of our warehouse addition. We can also see there will be many improvements to our existing operation.”

VP Operations

Extremely Knowledgeable

Distribution Design is extremely knowledgeable and handled all the transactions very professionally.

Professional Job

Distribution Design handled our project professionally. We received various solutions to our supply chain problems.

Extremely Objective & knowledgeable

The consultant was extremely objective and knowledgeable, as well as well-organized and methodical. We would certainly engage Distribution Design again.

Most Outstanding

I have seen lots of consulting reports, but this is the most outstanding I have seen.

Substantive & Well Organized

The final product of the project was a substantive report filled with facts and well organized for use as reference manual during the implementation phase.

Common Sense Recommendations

…assessment and common sense recommendations helped us prioritize the issues.

No Complaints

Although we are a union shop, we received no complaints from the union steward during the consultant’s time on the warehouse floor.

Superb Job

The consultant did a superb job for us in assessing our parts operation.

We Accomplished What We Wanted

We accomplished what we wanted, and we had a clear idea of what we needed to do to support our growth for the next five years.

Operational Experience

In selecting a consultant, we felt that Distribution Design’s operational experience was very important. We have had enough of the overly theoretical.

Surpassed our Expectations

The analysis the consultant did of our business surpassed our expectations. This work will be very helpful to us.

Very Informative

Although we have been aware of our conveyor problems for some time, the report from the consultant was far and away more informative and useful than anything we’ve had before.


We are a difficult group to please, but Distribution Design did just that.

3PL Selection Assistance

I have never participated in the selection of a 3PL before, but the consultant’s process and tools enabled me to stay focused and keep the details about each 3PL straight.

Well Done

A lot of excellent work has been done in a very short period of time! Well done!

Immensely Useful

The analysis completed is immensely useful to us in planning for our new DC.

Input Will Help us Better Serve Our Clients

I am confident that all of the input will help us better serve our clients for years to come. It was a pleasure to work with Distribution Design.

Most Valuable & Effective

Distribution Design is the most valuable and effective consultant I have ever worked with!