Warehouse Operational Problems

In selecting a warehouse and distribution consultant, most companies have one or more of the following operational problems. Click on the links below to see descriptions of the problems and see if any sound familiar.


Warehouse / Distribution Space

Warehouse Distribution Space ProblemsDo any of these sound familiar?

  • “We are totally out of space and about to increase our offsite space.”
  • “We do not feel we are using our existing space very efficiently.”
  • “Our business has changed with more e-com orders, and our facility layout does not work anymore.”
  • “We have a space shortage and cannot get budget approval for an addition.”
  • “We are sure we need a new storage concept, but not sure what is best for us.”

Warehouse Operational Audit

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • “There is a lot of pressure from executive management to lower our operating costs,,, NOW!”
  • “Our warehouse productivity needs improvement, but we need help prioritizing our greatest opportunities.”
  • “Accuracy on customer orders is a problem for us.”
  • “An operational audit will identify our opportunities for improvement.”
  • “Space utilization is one of our major problems, but we want to identify other low-hanging fruit as well.”

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • “Our current warehouse system is old and very hard to maintain.”
  • “Bar code scanning is a requirement of more and more of our customers.”
  • “Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is not supported by our system.”
  • “Will voice-direction software really help?”
  • “Our warehouse system batches data and does not provide real time information.”
  • “Will a cloud-based WMS work for us?”
  • “Warehouse productivity must be improved, but so many WMS vendors all say the same things. How can we decide on a system?”

Warehouse / Distribution Facility Design - Distribution Center Layout

Distribution Facility DesignDo any of these sound familiar?

  • “We have acquired new space and need a warehouse layout.”
  • “Our warehouse design no longer fits our needs.”
  • “A new distribution center will allow us to consolidate several other facilities.”
  • “A simulated network analysis is very involved and all about transportation costs. What about all the other costs? Is there a more common sense approach for determining our network?”

Warehouse / Distribution Productivity

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • “Warehouse productivity is declining, and we do not understand the causes.”
  • “We budgeted for an improvement in distribution center productivity, and now we have to deliver on that promise.”
  • “We need to improve productivity without breaking the bank. We also have to show a strong ROI.”
  • “We need productivity improvement to meet earlier cutoff times.”

Warehouse / Distribution Accuracy

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • “Our financial accuracy is fine, but our warehouse accuracy at the location level is much lower.”
  • “Because of our distribution center accuracy problems, we are auditing 100% of orders after pickers complete them.”
  • “The inventory accuracy at our last physical inventory was lower than any time in the past five years.”
  • “Cycle counting fixes the errors, but we are still making too many inventory errors.”